How to lead and manage people

classroomlongThere are two kinds of bosses: the kind you want to kill, and the kind you’d kill for. Leadership (vision) and management (execution) are not about theory – they’re about how to deal with and empower your most important asset – your people.

Hire great people. In addition to the hard skills someone needs in order to do the job, you’re looking for the things that cannot be taught: intelligence, good critical thinking skills, a willingness to learn, being personable – and someone you can get along with. These essential character qualities – combined with their knowledge and experience – will make them win with you, your team, and your customers.

Have your team be involved in the process of hiring new people. Don’t play “boss” by forcing your choice on others. Your employees will have to live with this new person. If they didn’t have any say in bringing them on board, you’ll be injecting a virus into your environment. Viruses get rejected by the host.

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[one_half]RONNYSCHIFF“Dr. Austin is an excellent administrator and manager. He knows how to structure a staff: his hires are top-notch people. He knows how to inspire, advise and motivate staff to do their best. He’s imaginative, yet focused, and always has an ear available for support and advice. He developed a cohesiveness, direction and joy in our department.”
Ronny Schiff. Over 2,000 music books and books about music bear her name as editor, co-writer, agent, publisher, or author[/one_half]

[one_half_last]DANKIMPEL“Dr. Chaz is a motivator. He takes charge of situations with diplomacy and determination. His upbeat energy is very much appreciated, and coupled with his intellect and intuition, creates a supportive and positive learning environment.”
Dan Kimpel, Faculty, Musicians Institute and author of six best-selling music industry books[/one_half_last]

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